Land Cruiser Pickup

Land Cruiser Pickup

Gained pickups "light trucks" from the Land Cruiser a good fame for its strength and reliability, even become an example measured by commercial vehicles in off-road areas. From the rugged mountainous areas to desert highways or roads, Land Cruiser for millions of users over the years satisfactory performance and convenient because of its superiority provided on-road and off. Since the safety factor is one of the main important things in this kind of vehicle, offering Land Cruiser most important safety specifications structure, which absorbs and empties force trauma, which helps to maintain the integrity of the passenger compartment in the harshest conditions and when incidents., And enhance the car's power practical employment the compartment for keys and site leadership system in addition to the front view high-definition and background.

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Specifications of Land Cruiser Pickup

4.5 liter engine 4477 CC 0.6 Cylinder vehicle in a straight line, 24-valve, fuel-injected letter and a catalyst converter for unleaded fuel
Power: 240 hp / 4600 rpm
41.5 kg determination recycling - m / 3,600 rpm
Total weight with passengers (approximate): 3200 kg
Total weight without passengers (approximate): 2265 kg
Cassette Player AM with two speakers
Air Conditioner
power steering
Brushes seats of luxury cloth
tires 225/95 R 16
glass front glossy green shaded
Front fog lamps
lines on the Temple

*Specifications of Land Cruiser Pickup may vary, please visit one of our showrooms for more information.