We learned the way to success and the way to failure from businessmen who have gone before us. Whoever was sincere and treated people with respect and never lied or cheated succeeded, and whoever lied and cheated succeeded but would soon fail.

Sheikh Saleh Al-BazaiFounder & Chairman of the Board

Sheikh Saleh Al-Bazai

Sheikh Saleh Al-Bazai was born in a small village called Alrubayah in Alqassim Province in Saudi Arabia. He started his career with international traders called Aloqilat where they traveled to neighbor countries such as Iraq, Eygpt, and others by walking or riding horses and camels. He learned from these trips the importance of ethics in business dealings.

Alrobayah Village

Career in Automotives

From the beginnings of years full of success and the desire to tender and the beginnings of simple construction and establishment extended dream over the years, supported by the great insistence on building a modern facility beyond the simplicity of time and place. It was the real beginning of the start of the march of new success in 1378 Hijri, and this date was the beginning of the first steps of success where it was in line with the beginnings stages renaissance witnessed by the country. In unity desire for success and make sure to insist on moving forward in the way of accomplishments despite the humility which witnessed the beginnings since the beginning was from scratch, while first began Features success sure was emphasized personal and shift to form an integrated enterprise is the next step car used car new from authorized dealers such as Jumaih and Juffali.

And in 1398 Hijri the company has chosen by Toyota as authorized distributor in the Riyadh region, where more established trust company Albazai of the major car companies in the Kingdom So those were the beginning of a successful partnership. In 1400 Hijri a contract was signed with Toyota in Riyadh Agents official and certified area, it was cope with such confidence and interact with them quickly, as preparations began to take responsibility and representation agent effectively, and imposed a Toyota work showrooms and warehouses and centers of maintenance and spare parts have been opened showrooms and building warehouses and maintenance centers and spare parts, as requested by the company and had to find that this interaction and rapid response that all the appreciation. The Toyota training of staff from the company's mechanics, engineers, administrators and staff of spare parts so that has been giving us a first degree certificate maintenance, spare parts and after-sales service.

And because success does not stop at a certain point it was fun to crawl to the evolution of appeal responsible company Albazai until the present, with all its tender fingerprints where our business has increased to even the number of employees of the company amounted to more than 500 employees, and it was the fulfillment of a price for partnership success and was appreciated a great while back memory to the stages ago was full of cooperation and solidarity and giving and self-satisfaction was an important factor after this interesting journey in the march of success.

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